Who We Are

We are social transformers trying to bring about changes in the lives of people who have been dragged and pulled, deliberately or by accident, into abusive habits. There are many rehab centers like us in different parts of the city and our main goal is to bring about a transformation in the lives of the addicts. Addiction is a danger, a peril to the normal living of a person and we try to change and rectify this problem in the lives of many. Addictions have become a common problem these days and the numbers of people who are affected by this are also increasing

. All we expect and request the society is to identify and bring the affected parties to such centers like us at the earliest. More than our efforts in bringing a change in the lives of the addicts, it is this simple yet profound identification and administration from where the actual process of rehabilitation and rectification starts.
We use and follow different types and methods of treatment for different people depending upon the intensity of the addictions. Addictions are of different types and the professionals, therapists, and doctors who work for us are all experienced and have complete knowledge of how and what each different type is. So this makes our job of treating the addiction problems easily and effortlessly. We also expect the patients to be patient, co-operative because these are some very essential qualities that would make the entire process easy, painless and of course reduces time.

The patients who have had the good fortune of visiting us have all gone out breathing in fresh and new air. We try and keep in touch with all our patients to get to know about their improvements and changes. This also helps us keep track of any addicts getting back to same habits because this is the most expected in the lives of the addicts.